Joe “Money” Lopez- In Loving Memory

Joe “Money” Lopez- In Loving Memory

September 10, 2012

Joe “Money” Lopez


It is with genuine heartfelt sorrow that we celebrate the memory of one of our finest employees…Joseph Lopez.

“Joe Money”…as he was known…passed away unexpectedly early last week at the home he shared with his grandmother.

Joe was hired shortly after Mulberry started at the original location on South Main street and for almost eight years has faithfully and with an enthusiastic attitude run back of the house operations ….to date  he was our longest term employee…and was ingrained in the culture…he had a big place in all of our hearts…

“Money” was always on time, never missed a day’s work and lived his life in a spontaneous and positive manner…he walked to and from work…his smile was infectious.

The picture of Joe above shows him sitting in the “front row”…right where he should be…at Yankee Stadium this past June. He was a huge LA  Lakers fan.

At 28 years…Joe passed at far to young an age to realize all of his potential but was known as the “go to’ guy at the Mulb when someone needed something done…he was uncanny in his ability to find a lost piece of equipment or a product in storage.

Outside the restaurant he was known in his neighborhood as a loyal friend…especially by the third shift employees of the Hartford Rd. Mobil station where he frequently would stop in during the night to keep an eye on the people working there…

Joe was a killer karaoke singer and always gave a great rendition of popular tunes at the annual Mulberry Holiday party. . it is an understatement to say  it won’t be the same without him.

On the Charter Oak basketballs courts…when Joe would arrive to play…the crowds of spectators were known to part in awe as “Money” danced onto the court…and  only the sands of time will erase the memory of watching Joe fiddle and diddle his way to a phenomenal lay up … or hit someone with yet another “no-look” pass… his three pointer was deadly.  He was a part of our team.

Joe…for those of us who have had an easier life…your journey was inspirational…you made your way through many hills and valleys…and kept a positive outlook in the face of much adversity… and for that we will always remember you.

Rest in Peace…

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